Ajay Sohal


Topic: Leadership

Ajay supports a local Air Cadets as first a cadet and now a civilian instructor.
Ajay is the Campus coordinator for NHSF (UK) supporting close 50 university Hindu Societies. He completed a Master's in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing from the University of Nottingham and did his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Swansea University. Enjoys hiking, flying and gliding.



Topics: Dharma, Healthcare & the Arts

Akshaya is a Junior doctor at Northampton General Hospital with a focus in medical education. She currently holds the responsibility of Vice-president of National Hindu Students' Forum (UK). 
Interests: Bharatnatyam, painting and reading.

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Topic: Leadership

Bansri is an Ophthalmology surgeon and has worked with NGOs in Ahmedabad and Aurangabad for 6 months before starting Youth for Sewa. Bansri is the (Ex) National co-ordinator for Youth for Sewa and is currently studying on a masters program for Medical Leadership.

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Topics:  Womanhood, Leadership, Hindu Identity, Leaving Islam

Drishti was born into Islam in the United Kingdom. She left Islam in her late teens and later embraced Hindu Dharma. She is the former president of the National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK), the largest Hindu student movement outside of India. A graduate of Chemistry from the University of York, Drishti now works in M&A Integration.

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Topics: Instilling values in children, Dharmic traditions

Falguni is the National Balagokulam Pramukh, and also one of the National Coordinator's for ICCS UK (International Center for Cultural Studies).
Studied Media & Communication and currently works as a Data Protection and Compliance Coordinator for Toyota UK. 
Sevika for over 15 years. Dedicated full time volunteer for HSS UK in 2018 for 1 year.

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Topics: Teachings from Bharat

BSc (Hons) in Business Information System and has a career working as a Programme Manager in the Banking Industry. Swayamsevak for over 29 years, dedicated 1 year as a full time Vistarak. Held Kendriya responsibilities from Shareerik, Baudhik, Vistaar and Balagokulam Pramukh. Currently Kendriya Saha-Baudhik Pramukh and supports Sangh projects like Vaani and E-Samvad.

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Topics: Women Empowerment, Motherhood, Parenting, Children

Degree in Business Information Technology. Director of Event Gurus and Senior Business Development Manager for iGlobal, India Inc. Group. Heena is an expert in corporate events with industry experience of over 15 years in conceptualising, designing and delivering high impact events.
Core team member of the National Hindu Welfare Support (NHWS) organisation addressing issues related to grooming, proselytism and domestic violence. 
Interest in technology, business and networking.

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Topics: Values in a Post Truth World

Jeel read Theoretical Physics at University College London and has worked in the financial services, focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions, and Investment Management. Baudhik Pramukh for North London Vibhag and part of the Finance team for Sewa Day charity.



Topics: Adoption and fostering in the Hindu community, Raising children in the modern world

Degree in Mathematics from Queen Mary University of London and now works as a Service Improvement Business Analyst for Nest Pensions and is a qualified Yoga Instructor. Dedicated full time volunteer for HSS UK in 2013 for 1 year.

Paresh Mistry


Topics: Bharat's contribution to the World

Trained to become a Chartered Accountant. Started a home Care company in 2019. Studied Mathematics and Management at the University of Manchester. North East & Scotland Vibhag Karyawaha for HSS.



Topics: Hindu Epics & Dharma

Pavni is currently a mentor for the Vaani Speakers Academy and has worked with NGOs in Ahmedabad and Thane for 6 months. Graduated as a dentist from King's College London.

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Topic: Social media and the role of society

National coordinator for Vichaar Manthan, back ground in Technology and Management. Worked as senior manager leading an IT department for one of the major retail company in the UK. Primary interests include technology, social enterprise and Indian politics. Currently full time volunteering for Vichaar Manthan helping to run the organisation and also setting up  a foundation & think tank.

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Topic: Hindu Identity

By profession a trainee solicitor working in the Government Legal Services’ Prosecution Team at HMRC. A Master’s graduate in Law from BPP Law School, London, where he was President of the Hindu Society. Ritesh has delivered a number of speeches during his time on the Former National Vice-president of NHSF (UK) and current the NHSF Alumni Coordinator and Shararek Pramukh in NL Vibhag.

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Topics: Hindu identity, Christianity and Islam in the light of Dharma, Dharma, Political Philosophy

Sachin Nandha (Ph.D) is a public philosopher with a special interest Political and Indian/Hindu Philosophy. He has a special interest in Hindu identity and advocates for the need to evolve all our institutions based on the lines of Dharma. He is also the International Coordinator for Vichaar Manthan, a platform to discuss Dharma in a western context.

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Topics: Bharat's contribution to the World, Indian Freedom Fighters

Sevika from Woolwich Pannabai Shakha and currently Kendriya Shareerik Pramukh for Hindu Sevika Samiti. Studied Law with Management at Aston University and currently works as an investigator for the Financial Ombudsman Service. Completed Dwitya Varsh in Bharat in 2012. Has taken out 4 months to do Vistaar work in the UK. Qualified as a Yoga teacher from S-VYASA university in 2017. Enjoys yoga, singing and football.

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Topics: Technology, communication, wellbeing, public speaking, Dharma, management, business, society

Cloud Solutions Architect for a global technology firm and Former Toastmasters’ president, Sumit ji Sharma looks after a portfolio of projects involving all things Technology, Communication and Wellness. As well as coaching corporates and charities on Public Speaking and effective communication, Sumit ji also leads the Vaani Speakers Academy; an upskilling programme for participants through spirited learning, oration techniques and professional development.
Sumit ji is also a core member of Vichaar Manthan; having led the London chapter and supporting national IT initiatives, his latest project is The VM podcast.

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Topics: British Hindu Identity

Studied BSc Physics at Imperial College London and completed a Masters in Optics & Photonics. 

An experimental scientist for 5 years at the National Physical Laboratory and now work in Capital Markets at Accenture as a Technology Consulting Principal. 

Member of the Advisory Board for NHSF (UK), with a role to guide and further the growth of the organisation, and moreover the karyakartas that make up the organisation.